We love delicious!

We are Cromble! We work magic with spent grain, which is the resulting product of the brewing process. Spent grain, unlike grain, is actually better for us because it has 20% protein, 70% fibre, and less fats. We use it to make delicious and nutritious granola products, so keep a lookout for our BrewBites!


70% Fibre

20% Protein

For Brewers We...

~ Pick up spent grain reliably, on a regular basis.

~ Can include the brewer's brand on our products.

~ Repurpose grain sustainably so breweries don’t have food waste on their conscience!

85% of a brewer's unused product is spent grain!

For YOU We...

~ Provide a delicious snack.

~ Make you feel good about your health.

~ Make it conveninent to fill your tummy with a (did we mention, delicious) BrewBite!

"Our mission is to rescue 100% of spent grain and use it to its best potential" - the Cromble team

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